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Field Services

Surveys and Conservation Device Installations and More!

Viewtech offers high quality contract services to manage every aspect of your field operations.  We can supply personnel to supplement your existing work force, or provide a complete trained staff.  Viewtech specializes in providing customized support services, using a responsive and flexible approach to satisfy your unique needs.

Water Patrol

Viewtech provides utilities with water “cops” to monitor water usage during droughts and water restrictions.  Our employees are trained on water efficiency and how to properly provide consumer education.  Our goal is to help the utility customers recognize the need for water conservation and provide the resources necessary in order to encourage them to use their water resources wisely. 

Weatherization and Kit Distribution

Viewtech is experienced in the installation and distribution of a wide variety of energy and water efficiency materials, from low-cost products to whole house retrofits.  We have provided the following installation services:  infiltration reduction, lighting, space conditioning, domestic water heating wraps, low-flow showerhead installations, toilet displacement devices installed, leak detection, blower door tests and timers.  Viewtech has installed over 4.5 million devices coast to coast. 

Audits and Surveys

Viewtech has performed over 2 million residential and commercial energy audits for utilities throughout the country.  Viewtech has utilized our proprietary software to conduct both walk-through and full energy and water surveys.  Auditors provide customers with a custom designed report complete with energy and water saving recommendations. Our software programs are accessible to customers over the Internet.

Quality Assurance

Viewtech’s reputation for providing high quality field services in based upon our commitment to excellence.  When we staff a project, great care is taken to thoroughly screen, interview and train every individual. Background checks (including drug, driving and criminal record checks) are conducted on all field employees. Each Viewtech staff member also undergoes extensive training both in the classroom and in the field. Management and senior staff work closely with field personnel to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction are maintained from project start through completion.

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