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Energy Upgrade Financing

Introducing Home Energy Upgrade Financing

Energy Upgrade Financing by The Gas Company

Improve Your Home Comfort While Saving Money

If you've been thinking about upgrading the things around your house that use energy, the Home Energy Upgrade Financing program may be the answer.

Sponsored by The Gas Company, this program could help you qualify for $1,000 to $15,000. Affordable financing rates can  immediately help you save on the purchase and installation costs of your new upgrades. And the improved energy efficiency you'll enjoy from these upgrades may help lower your energy bills, which means you'll save even more as the years go by.

Pre-approved contractors

So who will do the work? Before you can get approved for the financing, you must choose a contractor from The League of California Homeowners. All participating contractors have been approved and meet the standards of this independent, not-for-profit organization.

Many ways to upgrade

bullet Furnaces
bullet Central air conditioning
bullet Window and door replacements
bullet Dryers, built-in ranges and ovens
bullet Water heaters
bullet Fireplace inserts
bullet Insulation
bullet And much more*

(*some restrictions apply)

It's easy to upgrade

Simply call Southern California Gas Company at 1-888-427-0797. A list of qualified contractors from The League of California Homeowners will automatically be sent to you.

Choose a contractor from the list provided and select your upgrades.

Tip: We recommend that you get bids from more than one contractor. Remember, the program only finances energy-efficient upgrades. Your contractor can help you determine which ones are eligible.

Your contractor will bring the financing paperwork to your home. You could be approved as early as 24 hours from the time Viewtech receives your application.

Congratulations! Once you're approved, you can schedule your work with your contractor.

To get started or to find out more about the program, call 1-888-427-0797

This program offers affordable financing to our customers who own homes for many energy efficient upgrades.

As part of the Southern California Gas Company's ongoing dedication to you, we've made it simple to make your home cozier and save money. It's a complete one-stop financing opportunity sponsored by the Southern California Gas Company and supported by Fannie Mae.

Simple and affordable financing supported by Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae has arranged with Viewtech to administer this specialized financing. Viewtech is an established financing company experienced in energy-efficient programs. They are approved by Fannie Mae, the nation's largest source of funds for home loans. Because the program offers unsecured financing, you don't need equity in your home to qualify. Any you can take up to 10 years to repay.

To find out more about The League of California Homeowners, call 1-800-692-4663.

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