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Viewtech Financial Services (Viewtech) has established a National Energy Efficiency Home Loan Center (Loan Center) to implement residential third-party financing programs on behalf of leading sponsors nationwide.

Viewtech has launched this initiative to address sponsors' concerns about establishing a loan program. Some key reasons why sponsors are reluctant to develop a private label loan program are:


Lack of knowledge and experience with loan processing


Inability to project loan volume


Inability to easily and quickly coordinate the internal finance, operations, customer services and marketing resources necessary to launch a new, comprehensive program

The development of a Loan Center allows us to address these concerns by offering a streamlined "turnkey" residential financing process to sponsors. Unlike most banks or finance companies, Viewtech tailors programs to sponsors - not the other way around. This highly customized approach to financing gives clients the ability to develop a loan program that meets their individual goals and objectives.

By selecting the Loan Center, you can provide homeowners with a program that is flexible, convenient, and affordable. Following are some of the principal reasons to consider when choosing between your local bank and this Loan Center financing program:

Program Experience: Viewtech is an industry leader with over two decades of program implementation experience. Viewtech implemented the energy efficiency loan pilot program for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). In fact, PG&E replaced its previous program banker with Viewtech. In less than one year, Viewtech has approved over $23 million in loans for PG&E customers.

Loan Funding: The Loan Center can deliver a turnkey loan program at interest rates below other unsecured lenders. Low rates combined with a quick streamlined process are the keys for program success.

Control: The Loan Center provides you with a level of personalized service that is more flexible than a bank. We design and implement programs that allow you to offer the benefits of centralized processing (i.e. quicker start-ups and lower costs) but still have as much or as little participation as you desire.

One Stop Shop: You can easily access software, systems and services for all your program needs, including data tracking, contractor certification, dealer network development, and field inspection services.

For more information, please call 888/621-5511, or e-mail

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